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Welcome to my modest newly-formed blog!

This is the first post in a series considering the situation in my country.

Unfortunately, Iraq has become synonymous for sectarianism! We see factions, parties, blocs and whatsoever gatherings struggle to gain authority taking advantage of the highly respected Iraqi religious soul. They talk on behalf of Islam, they gain the uneducated through religious brainwash. Leaders of sectarian blocs and guerillas work either secretly or overtly to defeat their rivals in every aspect. Every leader claims that he is nonsectarian and other leaders practise sectarianism. Enlightened people are either killed, tortured, emigrated or marginated. General people are easily misguided by media which take advantage of religious backgrounds and Islamic events extending for thousands of years!

I think that I am not here to tell something which is known by everybody. I am here not to state facts; but to show what is revolving in my mind as a solution for a very complicated matter. It needs many un-brainwashing efforts to liberalise the Iraqi society for a civil state and civilised minds. Mesopotamia is a well-known historical example for what civilisation was! Alas, Iraq is the modern-day Mesopotamia!

I believe that the solution is in the way people understand and consider Islam. Islam in Arabic is in the same root for "Peace"! Every creed believes that their sect is the righteous salvaged Islam where early Muslims at the time of Muhammad stated that Muslims are like one single flesh and all agreed about that. Shortly after Muhammad's death apostasy wars started. Thus, most Muslims never believed in true Islam and neither will they! They openly struggled for power and they never got together once for the sake of early Muslim leaders. Till this day major sects are fighting in politics and in every way. They never seek welfare and the true meaning of Islam; instead each of them seek warfare and the sponsorship of their sect! Islamophobia is not a major concern for the west but it is a major handicap for true Muslims who are seeking life, rights and prosperity.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! Newton said it and it's a general law for every motion not only in physics, I think. Muslims will shed blood for nothing but for stupidity! That what we all fear..

May my God save my country and may their pretending-to-be-muslim god forgive them for their lies and sect-interest!

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