Intelligence and Reliance... an Opinion

Intelligent people always raise doubts which are very likely since intelligent people became intelligent because they always wonder and inquire about thing and never take them for granted. That wondering and consistent inquiry, positively viewed, is the same in essence to mistrust and scepticism where they are negatively viewed. Philosophical views may clash on the following: If for every action there is an opposite action equal in magnitude then there would be no progression nor decline in life and that what made philosophical minds think that there must be a parallel universe that reflects the philosophical opposite for a specific action; religiously talking, that would be the judgement day and thereafter life. Another conflict then rise to become patent: how is it just to give philosophical equity and fairness not until the doomsday?! That question was a major pretext for agnostics and a dogma for atheists.  The Gnostic are not that foolish to let it settle in that way; they but claim that eternity of the verdict is the utmost compensation for the delay of the philosophical reaction! That was again but a weak point for Gnostics! They made but a non-considerate retrospective right-winged God! Again, they failed... so they shifted their claims into that hell will not be a permanent place for any! I don’t know why people believe in customizable dogmas! Have you ever heard of a customizable dogma?!

Intelligent people on the contrary believe that people will always trust in them and that is a very expected from the amount of positive energy they possess and gain throughout their successful path. So, in short terms, they don’t trust in people easily and think that they can be trusted easily. Stupid people trust quickly in people and don’t think that they will be ever trusted so quickly. It’s all about energy and law of attraction. I intended to make this post like a crossword; so I hope you’ve got the message but I really hope that you’re not intelligent enough to mistrust my blogging! :)

Destruct then Build, Don't Over-Build!

Today, I've met up with an Iraqi expert... we discussed some project and the possibility of the Iraqi market to pave the way for businesses and entrepreneurship. He brought up something which is, for me, like some key to success and creativity. Amidst the unfortunate grieved dullness of how it is very hard for me to go for some idea... I smiled at the instant he advised me to bring it all down and look for another more practical thing. Well, I trust him in his advice of destruction then rebuilding and that is the true practicality for me... But... Why don’t the whole world destruct itself and rebuild according to my idea?! What if I was the standard and the rest was eccentric... Why would I lose my hope if it is, by all standards, a very fine idea?! The problem is in the community not in my quest, I believe... or let’s be more specific: the problem is in the way ideas are presented to the community. Why shouldn't we be so stout-hearted to discuss standards?! There’s nothing in the world in the name of “standard” and that’s why we always hear that someone should raise his standards.

Talking about standards, I wrote some blogs some time ago and it was all anonymous until one day I was discovered and my cover was blown! Why does it require all the standards to write your thoughts and share them to the whole world?! Is it a taboo to be frank and original?! A long list of questions with no gusty guy to answer! That’s going to change… hope told me so… that will change.

The Extremes Can Meet in Art..

From my humble experience and intermingling within the cultural milieu of Iraq... I've heard stories of art fanciers who would roam every single country but to feel the heart of art... I will be specifically talking about painting in my country.

Karradah, Baghdad, Iraq

One of the best ever evidences for me to support my view as how precious the Iraqi art is that when I’ve came across some German art specialists who had previously the opportunity to visit the artistic outlet at Karradah, Baghdad where you can see dozens and dozens of works on every single side of the place if you’d ever been there. Those Germans declared that there aren't any artistically energetic place in the world but Montmartre and that humble marketplace in Baghdad. I thought about it for a while and came up with, what I can say like, an analysis of why the whole world doesn't have such places but Baghdad and Paris which both couldn't be in a way or another comparable. I came into similarities and differences and found that Extremes might meet up especially when they have one thing in common.

Let’s begin with the extremes... What are the extremes of these two holistically different ambiances?!

France DO encourage every person to be an artist. You can’t imagine how the art is in the essence of Paris and how it takes an ample domain in the creation of La Vie Parisenne. Iraq, on the contrary, does NOT encourage anybody to be an artist... In addition, the nature of Iraq offers but some gloomy deserted landscape lacking all the natural diversity of Europe. The other extreme thing is that French community is artistic in every aspect and only the elite would meet up in Montmartre or cultural carnivals. So, it would be the elite of the already artistically elite community. Frankly speaking, most of the Iraqi community ridicule the artistic aspect of everything. So, the Iraqi artist should distance himself from his own community and abandon his own friends to live in and meet up with only the relatively small circle of people, the Iraqi artists, and that seclusion should create but a proper channel to create elite artists.

Montmartre, Paris, France

I think the picture is being clearer for you know… you are beginning to feel the resemblance between Parisian and Baghdadi elite artistic circles... Yes! It’s Bohemia! Bohemian lifestyle which creates, due to normal human relations retirement, a space for creative imagination and some kind of beautiful positive craziness to be innovative, original and imaginative... that is to know nothing about human mind limits...  So that was the common thing between Iraqi and French artistic milieus and the rest of the world communities which are in between regarding community acceptance of art always have their artists indulged more into everyday life and interact with every person of the community without those limitless creative circles and they may work as to carry out the demanded work and getting paid for it and that’s it.

That was in my humble opinion on how such community extremes could meet up it something productive and splendid as painting. My opinions but represent myself. However, I really wish that all of the Iraq’s interior extremes could find their common goals and could be honest and sincere with each other. I don’t have anything but HOPE...

Journey through Concrete Detours..

Dusty atmosphere is all I can see around... My car is heaving the harsh pockets written through long road-times. Very wonderful is that feeling of vagueness… Some beautiful lady crossed the street and all the youngsters whistled... Wow! We’re still gushing youthfulness... or wait! That was not a civilized act for a cradle of civilisations... Oh my glorious Mesopotamia! How can your highness forgive me for designating such cursed acts as a gush of youthfulness?!

“Forgive you for what, Ahmed?!” glorious dreadful cry penetrated my ears... That was warm-hearted Mesopotamia in me again... Oh gosh! I can’t see anything now but that foggy atmosphere is turning darker and darker... Some car horned at me... “Taxi?!”… How can I authenticate some 80s-made Nippon car?! Non-taxi painted... Well, I should trust nothing while I should fetch everything... that’s Baghdad! I do NOT like to be negative about my views... However, I like Iraq’s negativity and it but brings some unique “positive” negativity for me. Wow!

What I really like about the scenery is that people are running between cars. It is harmony and unity between people and machines... The belongingness that may exceed Nippon’s pride with sleek machinery. Let’s walk through that road... closed... may be the other one... another closed... that’s like beautiful maze game with no hints and you’re but to play the game for life! What is really sad about Iraqi games is that they can’t be documented or videotaped for that would be a taboo and you’d be in a combat with security forces... That’s why I am here to tell you the feeling and how wonderful it is... You should sympathize with the situation like it’s a video game we’re all living.. Death is but a very normal thing; trust me in that! I'm not being that DRAMA king seeking attention... I mean it... when you die... it’s not the end.. I guess you’re smiling now... because that’s what I really want in you... positive energy flowing and overwhelming humane entity... humanity which is but the building concrete block alongside Baghdadi roads that’s been long waiting for the dignified builder... May be the Iraqi God would be that builder... Who know?!

Wires, barbed or cabled, hanging or creeping... barracks... checkpoints... traffic men... beggars... rubbish... Man, I love that game! It is the platform that all video gamers are seeking to dive into...  Be positive and seek change... Do it now then discuss later...


Blog Intro..

Welcome to my modest newly-formed blog!

This is the first post in a series considering the situation in my country.

Unfortunately, Iraq has become synonymous for sectarianism! We see factions, parties, blocs and whatsoever gatherings struggle to gain authority taking advantage of the highly respected Iraqi religious soul. They talk on behalf of Islam, they gain the uneducated through religious brainwash. Leaders of sectarian blocs and guerillas work either secretly or overtly to defeat their rivals in every aspect. Every leader claims that he is nonsectarian and other leaders practise sectarianism. Enlightened people are either killed, tortured, emigrated or marginated. General people are easily misguided by media which take advantage of religious backgrounds and Islamic events extending for thousands of years!

I think that I am not here to tell something which is known by everybody. I am here not to state facts; but to show what is revolving in my mind as a solution for a very complicated matter. It needs many un-brainwashing efforts to liberalise the Iraqi society for a civil state and civilised minds. Mesopotamia is a well-known historical example for what civilisation was! Alas, Iraq is the modern-day Mesopotamia!

I believe that the solution is in the way people understand and consider Islam. Islam in Arabic is in the same root for "Peace"! Every creed believes that their sect is the righteous salvaged Islam where early Muslims at the time of Muhammad stated that Muslims are like one single flesh and all agreed about that. Shortly after Muhammad's death apostasy wars started. Thus, most Muslims never believed in true Islam and neither will they! They openly struggled for power and they never got together once for the sake of early Muslim leaders. Till this day major sects are fighting in politics and in every way. They never seek welfare and the true meaning of Islam; instead each of them seek warfare and the sponsorship of their sect! Islamophobia is not a major concern for the west but it is a major handicap for true Muslims who are seeking life, rights and prosperity.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! Newton said it and it's a general law for every motion not only in physics, I think. Muslims will shed blood for nothing but for stupidity! That what we all fear..

May my God save my country and may their pretending-to-be-muslim god forgive them for their lies and sect-interest!