Destruct then Build, Don't Over-Build!

Today, I've met up with an Iraqi expert... we discussed some project and the possibility of the Iraqi market to pave the way for businesses and entrepreneurship. He brought up something which is, for me, like some key to success and creativity. Amidst the unfortunate grieved dullness of how it is very hard for me to go for some idea... I smiled at the instant he advised me to bring it all down and look for another more practical thing. Well, I trust him in his advice of destruction then rebuilding and that is the true practicality for me... But... Why don’t the whole world destruct itself and rebuild according to my idea?! What if I was the standard and the rest was eccentric... Why would I lose my hope if it is, by all standards, a very fine idea?! The problem is in the community not in my quest, I believe... or let’s be more specific: the problem is in the way ideas are presented to the community. Why shouldn't we be so stout-hearted to discuss standards?! There’s nothing in the world in the name of “standard” and that’s why we always hear that someone should raise his standards.

Talking about standards, I wrote some blogs some time ago and it was all anonymous until one day I was discovered and my cover was blown! Why does it require all the standards to write your thoughts and share them to the whole world?! Is it a taboo to be frank and original?! A long list of questions with no gusty guy to answer! That’s going to change… hope told me so… that will change.

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