Intelligence and Reliance... an Opinion

Intelligent people always raise doubts which are very likely since intelligent people became intelligent because they always wonder and inquire about thing and never take them for granted. That wondering and consistent inquiry, positively viewed, is the same in essence to mistrust and scepticism where they are negatively viewed. Philosophical views may clash on the following: If for every action there is an opposite action equal in magnitude then there would be no progression nor decline in life and that what made philosophical minds think that there must be a parallel universe that reflects the philosophical opposite for a specific action; religiously talking, that would be the judgement day and thereafter life. Another conflict then rise to become patent: how is it just to give philosophical equity and fairness not until the doomsday?! That question was a major pretext for agnostics and a dogma for atheists.  The Gnostic are not that foolish to let it settle in that way; they but claim that eternity of the verdict is the utmost compensation for the delay of the philosophical reaction! That was again but a weak point for Gnostics! They made but a non-considerate retrospective right-winged God! Again, they failed... so they shifted their claims into that hell will not be a permanent place for any! I don’t know why people believe in customizable dogmas! Have you ever heard of a customizable dogma?!

Intelligent people on the contrary believe that people will always trust in them and that is a very expected from the amount of positive energy they possess and gain throughout their successful path. So, in short terms, they don’t trust in people easily and think that they can be trusted easily. Stupid people trust quickly in people and don’t think that they will be ever trusted so quickly. It’s all about energy and law of attraction. I intended to make this post like a crossword; so I hope you’ve got the message but I really hope that you’re not intelligent enough to mistrust my blogging! :)

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